Effect of concrete cover thickness on the efficacy of surface treatment systems for concrete


Achieving durable concrete is a subject that the technical and academic community has pursued for several
decades. There are some ways to extend the service life of a reinforced concrete structure. Some of them
are: make changes in concrete mix proportioning concrete or in the surface of the involved materials, in this
case steel and concrete. From the possibilities raised, the treatment of the concrete surface presents an
advantage, which is, the possibility of application either on new or old structures. This paper is focused on
the extension of the service life in this way, the surface treatment of reinforced concrete. Specifically on the
effect of the concrete cover thickness on the efficacy of the surface treatment system. In this way, chloride
migration tests were done and diffusion chloride coefficients were calculated. The service life of each
treatment was estimated using these data and the diffusion Fick’s law. The results indicated that the bigger
the concrete cover, the bigger the efficacy of the concrete surface treatment system will be. The divulgation
of this information is important once, it is almost intuitive to think that the effect of a surface treatment system
depends only of it and this study shows the opposite. 

MEDEIROS, Marcelo Henrique Farias de; LORENZI, P. C.ALEIXO, Daniel MartinsQUARCIONI, Valdecir AngeloHELENE, Paulo Roberto do Lago. Efeito da espessura de cobrimento na eficiência de sistemas de proteção de superfície para concreto. In: CONGRESSO BRASILEIRO DO CONCRETO, 52., 2010, Fortaleza. Anais… Ibracom, 2010. 16 p.

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