Development of a water filtration system for the IPT towing tank


This work presents the method used to develop a water filtration system for IPTs (Institute for Technological Research, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil) Towing Tank. For the system it was decided to modify a commercial filter by replacing the filter elements for sand. For the correct sizing of the operational flow, it was studied in detail the theory of flows in porous media, determining the head loss in the sand filter through three different approaches: 1) semi-empirical formulation using the Ergun equation; 2) experimentally, through tests carried out IPTs flow laboratory; 3) Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The experimental results provided validation of the model proposed by Ergun, comparing the values of pressure drop in the flow against those predicted by semi-empirical formulations and CFD. They also made possible to determine the inertial resistance (Pi) and viscous resistance (Pv) by using a quadratic adjustment of the experimental points, as well as two other important parameters: the inertial permeability (α) and the viscous permeability (β) – two of the required inputs for the CFD simulations. The analysis and visualization of current flow lines obtained from the CFD simulation allowed for a better understanding of the behavior of the flow within the porous medium, made possible to identify the recirculation regions and finally showed how the radial flow in the entrance of the filter influences the height of the filter layer. That is to say, the simulations showed that for the radial inlet the flow runs through the path of least resistance, through smaller filter layers and with less head loss, and as saturation occurs there is an increase of the filter layer along with a corresponding increase in the pressure drop.

RODRIGO, Claudio T.; DANTAS, João Lucas Dozzi; PELÍCIA, Renan Santana; FELIPINI, Celso Luiz. Development of a water filtration system for the IPT towing tank. In: ABCM INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, 25., 2019, Uberlândia. Proceedings… 10 p.


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