Desempenho de pisos flutuantes com aplicação de carga estática


This paper presents the results of the impact sound tests exerted on floors with static loading on two floating floor systems of reduced dimensions. The objective of the study is to discuss the possible degradation of acoustic performance of the floating floor, whenever there is an increment of load provided by furniture or other objects.
The tested prototypes are composed by a layer of resilient material lying on the structural slab, over which a tile of marble, 60 x 60 cm, is placed as the final floor covering. The resilient layers are different in terms of their composition, thickness and dynamic stiffness. When the load is increased, the noise reduction provided by the system decreases significantly in the third octave bands of 125Hz and 250Hz. The deterioration of system performance was more significant for the system A: for this material (36.8MN/m3 dynamic stiffness), when the load is increased four times, the performance of the system is reduced in 3 dB; for system B, with material having dynamic stiffness of 7.3 MN/m3, the performance is reduced in 2 dB when the load is increased by approximately five times.


SILVA, Elaine Lemos; PATRÍCIO, Jorge Viçoso. Desempenho de pisos flutuantes com aplicação de carga estática. In: CONGRESSO IBERO-AMERICANO DE ACÚSTICA, 8., 2012, Évora, Portugal. Anais… 6p.

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