Corrosion performance of metallic coatings in ethanol fuel (E-95): laboratory and field tests


The results of immersion corrosion tests with different metallic coatings in ethanol fuel are presented. The following coatings on steel were tested: aluminium, cadmium, chromate cadmium, lead, hard chromium, Dacromet (a type of zinc coating), phosphate, nickel, zinc, chromate zinc, and zinc/aluminium. Anodized aluminium was also tested. The corrosion resistance of cadmium, hard chromium, nickel, Dacromet and anodized aluminium was adequate, while that of zinc, lead and phosphate was not. The influence of Cl- and SO4—ions on corrosion resistance of more resistant coatings was also investigated. Results of laboratory tests are compared with those obtained from examinations of several disassembled ethanol powered cars after normal use for more than 30.000 km. There is a good agreement between both results, indicating that the chosen laboratory tests can be used to assess the corrosion resistance of metallic coatings to liquid ethanol in car components, from fuel tank to the carburetor. In both tests it was found that cadmium coatings perform very well, while tin and nickel coatings, used to protect the fuel tank and the carburetor, respectively, require an intermediate copper coating to assure a good corrosion protection. It was also found that adequate quality control of finished components is essential for good performance.

KAJIMOTO, Z.P.; WOLYNEC, S.; TANAKA, D.K. Corrosion performance of metallic coatings in ethanol fuel (E-95): laboratory and fiel test. In: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ALCOHOL FUEL TECHNOLOGY, 6.,  1984, Ottawa. Proceeding… Ottawa, 1984. v. 1, p. 225-231. (IPT Publicação, 1601) (V-V)

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