Stress corrosion cracking in sprays used in veterinarian products


A failure case history of aerosol tinplate cans containing veterinary product is reported. These cans cracked one month after being filled up with the product due to stress corrosion. The cracks were parallel to the double seam of the can and started at the inner face of the container both inside and outside the double seam crevice. The failure causes were determinate by comparing the cracked cans with cans that did not crack. The stress corrosion cracking was ascribed to higher residual stresses produced in failed cans by a more severe deformation during the welding operation.

CHAVES, R.; WOLYNEC. S. Corrosão sobtensão em aerossóis destinados à aplicação de produto veterinário. In: SEMINÁRIO NACIONAL DE CORROSÃO, 13., 1986, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… Rio de Janeiro: ABRACO, 1986. p. 150-157.

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