Experimental evaluation of submersible drift forces


Four submersible axisymmetric hulls are here considered with increasing fineness ratio. Two of the models are from the technical literature, being the Series 58 Model n.4164 (Landweber and Gertler, 1950) and the DARPA Suboff (Groves et al, 1989). Their fineness ratios are approximately 7.0 and 8.6. The two other models have a “general hull form” (Heberley, 2011) with fineness ratios 10.5 and 12.0. The drag and lift forces and the yawing moment for these hulls are estimated using known formulations (see Allen and Perkins, 1951; Saffel et al, 1971; Finck, 1978; Granlund, 2009). Some experimental evaluation for the drift forces and yawing moment are presented. The paper objective is to make some numerical and experimental results available which many be useful in the first stages of the submersible design, when CFD codes are note recommended due to the lack of details.

KOGISHI, André Mitsuo; SILVA JR., Helio Correa da; BRINATI, Hernani Luiz; CONTI, Mardel B. de; DOMINICIANO, Valentina. Experimental evaluation of submersible drift forces. In: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON PRACTICAL DESIGN OF SHIPS AND OTHER FLOATING STRUCUTRES, 12., 2013,Chamgwon City, Korea. Proceedings… 5 p.

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