Evaluation of timber structure of a historic church in Brazil

This article describes the results of an evaluation done on the structural timber roof and ceiling of the 19th century Church Matriz Santo Antonio da Cachoeira, located in Piracaia, Sao Paulo, Brazil, in order to verify its conservation status including: the definition of the geometric and basic structural characteristics, structural anomalies and the biodeterioration of wooden pieces. The analysis carried out, taking into account the inspection data, was based on the following standards: NBR 7190:1997, NBR 6120:1980, NBR 6123:1988 of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards-ABNT and CEN EN 1995 1 1:2004. The survey permitted the authors to conclude that the roof and lining structures are unsafe. Information as to how the conservation and restoration processes should be carried out, in order to assure the building’s structural safety is included.

MONTEIRO, Maria Beatriz Bacellar; YOJO, Takashi; LOPEZ, Gonzalo Antonio Carballeira; MIRANDA, Maria José de Andrade Casimiro. Evaluation of timber structure of a historic church in Brazil. Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture Research, v.2, n.3, p.549-555, 2015.

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