Stress corrosion (chapter book)


The fundamental processes that occur in stress corrosion have been thoroughly studied. It was evidenced that there is no single mechanism which can explain the wide range of involved phenomena in this type of corrosion. Some authors have made distinctions between the different processes and reserved the term stress corrosion only for transgranular cracking of metals which present face-centered cubic lattice, giving different names for other types of failures. As macroscopic phenomenological point of view, and even microscope, the causes and the effects of these different types of failures are very similar, in the field of materials engineering, this type of corrosion is mainly designated as stress corrosion. This designation is assumed in this paper and a distinction between the different mechanisms will be given.

WOLYNEC, Stephan. Corrosão sob tensão. In: ANÁLISE de fraturas. 5. ed. São Paulo: Ass. Bras. Metais, 1982. Cap. 6, p. 201-248 

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