Corrosão de tanques e dutos de aço-carbono pelo ácido sulfúrico concentrado; estado da arte


PETROBRAS, allied to the policy of reduction of emission of pollutants, has been adjusting the processes of the new refineries to obtain products with lower sulfur content. Thus, the sulfur dioxide, extracted from the process gases of a new refinery to be built in the Northeast, will be used to produce sulfuric acid with concentration between (94-96) %. This acid will be stored in carbon steel tanks and transported through a buried 8-km carbon steel pipe from the refinery to a pier, where it will be loaded onto ships and sent to the consumer markets. Therefore, the corrosion resistance of carbon steel by concentrated acid will become a great concern for the mentioned storage and transportation. When the carbon steel comes into contact with concentrated sulfuric acid, there is an immediate acid attack with the formation of hydrogen gas and ferrous ions which, in turn, forms a protective layer of FeSO4 on the metallic surface. The durability of the tanks and pipes made of carbon steel will depend on the preservation of this protective layer. This work presents a review of the carbon steel corrosion in concentrated sulfuric acid and discusses the preventive methods against this corrosion, including anodic protection.

PANOSSIAN, Z; ALMEIDA,; SOUSA, R.M.F; PIMENTA, G.S; MARQUE, S.L.B.S.Corrosão de tanques e dutos de aço-carbono pelo ácido sulfúrico concentrado; estado da arte. In: RIO PIPELINE CONFERENCE & EXPOSITIN, 2009, Rio de Janeiro. Proceedings… (CD ROM)

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