Experimental analysis of steel beams with fire resistant properties sujected to the ISO834-fire


All buildings with human occupation need to be designed to withstand a certain standardized fire
time related to the safety of their occupants. Within this context, the structure plays an extremely
important role as passive fire protection element. As a result, the use of fire-resistant steel has
been produced and used to decrease the volume of passive protective material and sometimes
eliminate it due to the presence of alloying elements such as niobium and molybdenum on its composition
whose chemical synergy, coupled with carefully metallurgical processes, can maintain the
material’s mechanical properties above that those associated with the conventional steel. This paper
is part of an extent research and aim to present initial experimental results of the behavior of
no protected three side exposed beams under 60 minutes ISO 834 Fire curve with and without
fire-resistant properties. The tests were carried out into a horizontal furnace and the vertical deflection
at the thirds of span was measured while the central was calculated based on these measurements.
The experiment did not have the intention of investigate the connections, because of
that, were stiffened for supporting the large plastic deformations of the specimen

JORDÃO, Alexandre Magnus; SCABBIA, André Luiz Gonçalves; SILVA, Valdir Pignatta e. Experimental analysis of steel beams with fire resistant properties sujected to the ISO834-fire. In: EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON STEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, EUROSTEEL 2021, Sheffield/Inglaterra. [on-line] Proceedings on-line… 67 p.

Access to the abstract of the work on the website:

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