Conservation of the exposed concrete structures of brazilian modern architecture: challenges and opportunities


Buildings of modern architecture from the beginning of the second half of the 20th century, built out of exposed reinforced concrete, comprise a broad cultural heritage. Those structures demand urgent intervention, due to specific construction features associated with lack of maintenance, in order to restore the required structural and functional performance levels. Conservation plans must enable heritage values to be preserved, retaining the original construction technique, the surface aesthetic qualities and the design intent. In this context, the aim of the article is to discuss the challenges of the exposed concrete conservation of the Brazilian modern architecture, and the opportunities of intervention addressing difficulties faced during condition survey; compatibility with repair methods of the current exposed concrete structures; imposed limitations on the interventions, and surface protection techniques that slightly affect the concrete appearance. Intervention experiences in iconic modern architecture buildings are considered.

OLIVEIRA, Cláudia de Andrade de; SIMÃO, Tatiana Regina da Silva; ARAÚJO, Adriana de; MITIDIÉRI FILHO, Cláudio Vicente. Conservação das estruturas de concreto aparente do patrimônio da arquitetura moderna: desafios e oportunidades. Revista Portuguesa de Engenharia de Estruturas, v. 13,n.3, p.63-72, 2020.

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