Cementite solidification in cast iron


Two hypereutectic cast irons (5.01 pct Cr and 5.19 pct V) were cast and the polished surfaces of test pieces were deep-etched and analyzed via scanning electron microscopy. The results show that graphite lamellae intersect the cementite and a thin austenite film nucleates and grows on the cementite plates. For both compositions, graphite and cementite can coexist as equilibrium phases, with the former always nucleating and growing first. The eutectic carbides grow from the austenite dendrites in a direction perpendicular to the primary plates.

CORONADO, J. J.; SINATORA, A.; ALBERTIN, Eduardo. Cementite solidification in cast iron. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, v.45B, n.3, p.181-814, jun., 2014.

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