Case histories of metallic coatings in corrosion failures


Several corrosion case histories of metal coated components, namely tin coated steel wires, copper plated steed strips, nickel plated steel locks, chromium plated brass knobs, gold plated electric contacts, galvanized wires and zinc plated parts, are reported. In almost all cases the corrosion was cuased by faulty protection of components between their manufacture and their final use, due to improper packaging, severe conditions during transport and handling, and inadequate storage. Tarnishing caused by perspiration during assembling and handling of components has been common as well

CHAVES, Risomá; ADAM, Ana Maria M. M.; WOLYNEC, Stephan. Casos de falhas por corrosão em revestimentos metálicos. In: ENCONTRO BRASILEIRO DE TRATAMENTO DE SUPERFÍCIE-EBRAT´S’87, 5., 1987, São Paulo. Anais… São Paulo: ABTS, 1987. v.2 p.331-343.

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