Corrosion of austenitic stainless steel in industry


The features and prevention of different types of corrosion failures of industrial austenic stainless steel equipments are presented, in order to alert designers, assemblers and users for their possible premature deterioration. Each type of corrosion failure was illustrated with case histories investigated at São Paulo State Technological Research Institute – IPT during the period of 1963 to 1988. In addition, statistical survey from American and one German chemical plants are presented.

TANAKA, D.K.; WOLYNEC, S.; PANOSSIAN KAJIMOTO, Z.; DI GIORGI, F; CHAVES, R.; ALONSO, N. Corrosão em aços inoxidáveis austeníticos na indústria In: SEMINÁRIO BRASILEIRO SOBRE AÇOS INOXIDÁVEIS,  1., 1989, São Paulo. Anais… São Paulo: ABM, 1989. p. 17-36./e / Metalurgia ABM, São Paulo, v. 46, n. 391, p.1-7, ago./set., 1990. (IPT Publicação, 1847)

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