Brazilian road tunnel: commissioning phase


After the tunnel drilling and installation of equipment, time to authorize the operation of the tunnel, but the issue all that was required to make the secure tunnel is working traces, i.e. the test of the system as a whole must be performed , the so-called commissioning phase. The simulation of a fire is the best way to test the performance of the system, and therefore compatible with smoking materials which can travel inside the vehicles must be generated. The present study examined the commissioning phase, from the characteristic of the smoke, studied in a laboratory with test accredited by INMETRO / ISO until their behavior inside a tunnel.

SCABBIA, André Luiz Gonçalves; CANALE, Antônio Carlos; BÖTTGER, Ivan Faccinetto. Brazilia road tunnel: commissioning phase. In: WORLD TUNNELLING CONGRESS, Tunnelling and Underground Space for a Global Society, 2012, Bangkok. Proceedings… Bangkok: Thailand Underground and Tunnelling Group, 2012. 6 p.

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