Watts nickel plating; part 1: function of the main constituents


The present work is an extensive literature review conducted with the goal of addressing the various aspects involved in Watts nickel plating. It will be published through several articles each dealing with a specific aspect. The following topics will be addressed: role of principal constituents, function of additives, effect of operating conditions on the nickel deposit characteristics, nickel plating bath properties, general properties of nickel electrodeposits, effect of high temperature on the nickel electrodeposits, corrosion resistance of nickel electrodeposits, nickel anodes, titanium utilization in nickel plating, main contaminants and their influence on the deposit characteristics. This first part will deal with the role of the main constituents.

PANOSSIAN, Z. Banho de níquel tipo Watts; parte 1: função dos principais constituintes. Tratamento de Superfície, São Paulo, v. 6, n. 74, p.  3-36, nov./dez., 1995

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