Selective property evaluation of chromium coatings for solar collectors


Two black chrome baths for decorative purposes, available in the domestic market, were used in the preparation of absorbing surfaces for solar collectors. The absorbance characteristics of the obtained coatings were verified. It was concluded that the both studied coatings exhibit selective properties, i.e. high absorptivity for low wavelength radiation and low emissivity for infrared radiation. Therefore, they can be used solar energy collector surfaces of medium and high temperature. The conditions of deposition of these baths were varied, having established those that lead to a better selectivity. The effect of temperature and humidity on the selective properties of these coatings was also investigated.

PANOSSIAN KAJIMOTO, Z.; DIANES, D.R.; WOLYNEC, S. Avaliação das propriedades seletivas de revestimentos de cromo preto para coletores solares. In: ENCONTRO BRASILEIRO DE TRATAMENTO DE SUPERFÍCIE, 3., 1983, São Paulo. Anais… São Paulo: ABTS, 1983. p. 76-93. (IPT Publicação, 1356) (V-IV)

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