Evaluation of some types of nickel anodes for electroplating


Laboratory test performed with four different kind of nickel anodes (electrolytic nickel, high purity nickel, nickel 200 and carbonized nickel) used in electrolytic nickel plating processes are presented. It was verified that the electrochemical dissolution of the studied anodes are influenced by the way through which they were produced (casted and forged) and by the adopted heat treatment (solubilized or aged). The high purity anodes may be used as casted, casted and solubilized, forged and forged and solubilized; the nickel 200 anodes must be used as forged and aged and the carbonized nickel anodes must be used as casted and solubilized. Among the studied anodes, the casted-solubilized carbonized anodes are the most suitable for nickel plating processes. It is also concluded that the high purity anodes, the nickel 200 anodes and the carbonized anodes are superior than the electrolytic anodes regarding the electrochemical behavior in nickel plating baths.

BENEDUCE, N.F.; PANOSSIAN KAJIMOTO, Z. Avaliação de alguns tipos de anodos de níquel para eletrodeposição. In: CONGRESSO ANUAL DA ABM, 39. 1984, Belo Horizonte. Anais… São Paulo: ABM, 1984. p. 95-111.

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