Evaluation of repairing systems for cracks on rendering mortar


One of the main pathologic manifestations that effect the non-loadbearing masonry and its rendering mortar, the cracks, are responsible for the decreased performance of these subsystems (comfort, health and durability).For performance monitoring after treatment of cracks in rendering mortar of buildings in the city of São Paulo, were used the main repairing systems for cracks industrialized available today in the national market and evaluated their behavior through time by monitoring the recurrence of these cracks. Only in cases where they were subjected to great tensions and the repairing system did not have any type of reinforcement, there was a recurrence of the crack’s opening. The study concluded that the choice of a repairing system depends on the previous monitoring of cracks, experience and technical capacity of the consultant and the workmanship, key factors for successful repair.

SAHADE, Renato Freua; MACHADO, Luciana Varella; CAVANI, Gilberto de Ranieri. Avaliação de sistemas de recuperação de fissuras em revestimentos de vedação. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE TECNOLOGIA DAS ARGAMASSAS, 10., 2013, Fortaleza. Anais… Fortaleza: Univ. Federal do Ceará, 2013. 15 p.

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