Evaluation of organic coatings in tropical marine environment

The Brazilian oil industry develops ongoing studies with organic coatings for corrosion protection in order to reduce both the maintenance work of structures and equipment and the impact to the environment. The performance of these coatings has been studied by accelerated corrosion tests in the laboratory. However, many coatings also depend on more representatives of the actual operating conditions tests. With this objective, it was developed a floating laboratory with about 80 m2 for studying new technologies in organic coatings for corrosion protection in atmospheres, immersion conditions, splash zones, ballast tank, oil tank and antifouling paints too. This paper presents results of performance coatings in different conditions for 600 days. The coatings were evaluated for blistering, rusting, cracking, flaking and corrosion undercutting. Antifouling coatings were evaluated based on the adherence of the fouling.

ALMEIDA, N.L; PANOSSIAN, Z; ARAUJO, A. de; PIMENTA, G.S; QUINTELA, J.P; ALMEIDA, M.B; VIEIRA, G.V. Evaluation of organic coatings in tropical marine environment. In: THE EUROPEAN CORROSION CONGRESS, EUROCORR 2011, 2011, Stockholm. Proceedings… 

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