Evaluation of corrosion resistance of metallic coatings on hydrated ethanol fuel (EAHC).Part II – laboratory and in field test result comparison


Results of laboratory tests presented in Part I of this work are compared with those obtained from examination of several disassembled ethanol powered cars after being in normal use for more than 30.000 km. There is a good agreement between both types of results, indicating that the chosen laboratory tests can be used to assess the corrosion resistance of metallic coatings to liquid ethanol in car components, from fuel tank to carburetor. In both tests it was found that cadmium and tin coatings perform very well. On the other hand, it was found that an adequate quality control, of both coating and finished components is essential for a good performance. Bench tests that could simulate the working conditions or fleet test itself are thus necessary before deciding upon the best coating.

PANOSSIAN KAJIMOTO, Z.; TANAKA, D.K.;. WOLYNEC, S. Avaliação da resistência à corrosão de revestimentos metálicos em álcool hidratado combustível (AEHC). parte 2 comparação entre os resultados dos ensaios em laboratório e em campo. In: SIMPÓSIO NACIONAL DE CORROSÃO NA PRODUÇÃO E UTILIZAÇÃO DO ÁLCOOL, 3., 1983, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… Rio de Janeiro: INT/ABRACO, 1983. p. 94-103. (IPT Publicação 2095) (V-V)

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