Avaliação das condições de conforto térmico em escritórios certificados LEED ID+C


Sustainable building certifications play an important role in attesting that the enterprise has contributed to the achievement of objectives, such as: reducing consumption of energy and natural resources, improving indoor environmental quality and minimizing the use of polluting transportation. This research focused on the indoor environmental quality category of LEED certification, since individuals who live in urban centers spend most of their time indoors, particularly in office spaces. Specifically, thermal comfort was evaluated in three LEED CI (currently ID+C) certified offices. Thermal comfort assessment included the completion of a questionnaire with the occupants, the measurement of environmental variables (air temperature, velocity and humidity and mean radiant temperature), the estimation of personal variables (metabolic rate and thermal insulation of clothes) and the project analysis. The results indicated that the conditions required by LEED for general thermal comfort of occupants are not necessarily met in certified offices, thus emphasizing the importance of reassessing the thermal comfort criteria during the certification process.

MACEDO, Maíra Nazareth de; VITTORINO, Fúlvio. Avaliação das condições de conforto térmico em escritórios certificados Led ID+C. In: ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE CONFORTO NO AMBIENTE CONSTRUÍDO, ENCAC, 15., ENCONTRO LATINO-AMERICANO DE CONFORTO NO AMBIENTE CONSTRUÍDO, ELACAC, 11., 2019, João Pessoa. Anais… 10 p.

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