Automated laminating process: a study on limits, advantages and tradeoffs of AFP and ATL


Automated laminating processes are used in order to enhance quality; reduce part variability; enlarge capability and productivity; and reduce labor and costs in composites manufacturing. The advantages rely on the use of a precision computer controlled machine to replace the hand lay-up, making complex part production feasible through integration of CAD and CAM systems. The representative processes are Automated Tape Laying (ATL) and Automated Fiber Placement (AFP). The decision of using one of these processes requires careful evaluation. This work reviews the available technologies for automated laminating processes and addresses their limits, advantages and tradeoffs. The objective is to develop a methodology based on applicability. As a result, a framework for technology selection is presented, comparing ATL and AFP with the traditional hand-layup. A case study is used to develop a technology decision guide to support process and parameters selection

BOTTENE, Alex Camilli; MELLO, Wellington Lombardo Nunes de; ALMEIDA, Rynaldo Zanotele Hemerly de. Automated laminating process : a study on limits, advantages and tradeoffs of AFP and ATL. In: BRAZILIAN CONFERENCE ON COMPOSITE MATERIALS, 2., 2014, São José dos Campos. Proceedings… 6 p.

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