Assuring the quality of results of test hardness IRHD: IPT s case study


This paper presents the experience of the Laboratory Trees, Woods and Furniture – LAMM in calibrating the durometer IRHD and assuring the quality of its test results, since there are no Certified Reference Material and laboratory in the Brazilian Calibration Network that can calibrate the equipment. To solve this problem, the IRHD hardness (N method) was quantified in three ways: a) by measuring the modulus of elasticity of the material, b) by measuring the depth the sphere entered the material and c) the durometer’s direct reading. With the IRHD hardness measured by accepted international standards techniques, it was possible to evaluate the accuracy of the test results that assured the calibration of the equipment.

YOJO, Takashi; MIRANDA, Maria José de Andrade Casimiro ; OLIVEIRA, Claudio Batista de ; MATTEUCCI, Cyntia . Assuring the quality of results of test hardness IRHD: IPT’s case study. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, v.648, 2015. 

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