Chemical analysis of lime for building by means of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry


For many years, chemical analyzes of hydrated lime samples have been carried out in accordance with the NBR 6473 standard at the Construction Materials Laboratory – Center for Infrastructure Technology of IPT. Typically, an average of 30 hours of a technician labor is required for the chemical characterization of a single lime sample. In order to achieve a reduction of the analysis time, the Laboratory selected the X-ray fluorescence spectrometry as an alternative methodology to be used as an optional method of the current Brazilian standard. This work presents the results obtained by X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, performed according to NBR 6473 of different types of lime as well as the results of tests of significance by t-Student analyzes. The feasibility of using this technique as an alternative method was confirmed because it provides a reduced analysis time, the possibility of the determination of other chemical elements and the elimination of chemical reagents.

LIMA, Sérgio Soares de; CHOTOLI, Fabiano Ferreira. Análise química da cal para construção civil por espectrometria de fluorescência de raios X. Revista IPT, Tecnologia e Inovação, v.4, n.13, p. 6-20, abr., 2020.

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