Aprimoramento de uma bancada de teste acelerado de durabilidade para máquinas agrícolas


The State of São Paulo has approximately 23 % of its area used for sugar-cane cultivation, that requires the employment of specialized machinery for planting and harvesting. In order to increase the availability of such machines in the field, physical durability tests are carried out during their project and development cycles. This work presents an improvement of a test bench and test method developed for sugar-cane harvester testing. The aim of the test bench, constituted by six servo-controlled hydraulic actuators, is to move and excite the structure and components of the harvester according to a set of reference signals generated from signal processing of accelerometer and strain gage signals, obtained during field operation of the machine. The proposed test bench modifications led to an improvement on the quality of mechanical excitation along the machine chassis and a reduction of the total test time due to maintenance time reduction based on overstress prevention of the machine specific components.

ALMEIDA, Rynaldo Zanotele Hemerly; LOPES, Luiz Eduardo; CORDEIRO, João Carlos Sávio; VICENTE, José Gabriel; ANTÔNIO, Sergio Francisco Dela; NISHIMURA, Claudio Massuni Oda. Aprimoramento de uma bancada de teste acelerado de durabilidade para máquinas agrícolas. In: CONGRESSO SAE BRASIL, 2019, São Paulo. Anais… 9 p.

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