Image analysis of paper surface


In this paper, four different commercially available paper samples were analyzed using traditional techniques for paper characterization and modern visual assessment techniques. Two paper properties related to surface features were elected. First the paper samples roughnesses were evaluated with traditional Bebdtsen roughness and Bekk smoothness tests and the results were compared with the results obtained using a profilometer and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Then the paper samples porosities were evaluated with the Gurley type and the Bendtsen type air permeance testers. The interior of the paper samples qualitatively evaluated with microtomograph (microCT) images and then compared with the results from traditional methods. The traditional methods are easy to perform, do not need elaborated sample preparation or equipment maintenance. However, these methods are not sensible to small variation of surface features and, therefore, are not suitable for differentiating smoother paper samples. On the other hand, modern visual assessment methods may need a more complex paper sample preparation and can be more costly and time consuming, but provide more accurate information on paper surface.

YASUMURA, Patrícia Kaji; PARK, Song Won. Image analysis of paper surface. In: ABTCP INTERNATIONAL PULP AND PAPER CONGRESS, 45.; IBEROAMERICAN CONGRESS ON PULP E PAPER RESEARCH, 7., 2012, São Paulo. Proceedings… 11p.

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