Alternativas ao revestimento de cádmio utilizado em offshore para prospecção de petróleo


Coating of cadmium have been widely used in corrosion protection of fasteners made ​​of ferrous materials. Despite showing excellent properties such lubricity, corrosion products compatible bit bulky and cost, its high toxicity has motivated researchers worldwide to look for substitutes for this coating. The Laboratory of Corrosion and Protection of IPT, together with CENPES / PETROBRAS and FINEP support, is currently developing a project to identify the substitute cadmium coating on fasteners used in offshore. As part of this project, we carried out an extensive literature search to identify potential substitutes for cadmium on the national and international market. 20 coats were identified and their alloys, nickel with and without PTFE and other coatings trademark. This paper presents the results of the characterization tests, exposure to salt spray chamber and atmospheric exposure to salt spray (Scrab Test), the 20 alternative to cadmium coatings. Among these, eight coats were identified that showed satisfactory performance from the point of view of corrosion.

PANOSSIAN, Z.; FEDUMENTI, N.; ALMEIDA N.L.; PIMENTA, G.S.; PAES, M.T.P.; BERRY, N. Alternativas ao revestimento de cádmio utilizados em offshore para prospecção de petróleo. In: CONGRESSO ANUAL DA ABM, 59, 2004, São Paulo. Anais… (CD-ROM)

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