Improving the energy performance of buildings with non-conventional lighting system


The high energy consumption due to the economic development of countries directly impacts on the environment and lead to high investments in research on new sources and construction of new plants. Of consumption, electrical lighting systems account for a significant portion of the demand produced, so passes to integrate into everyday life, the concept of energy efficiency with emphasis on the use of natural light from the sun which is abundant and free, being more favorable to the health and efficiency of productive activities undertaken by humans, but not always evenly distributed within an environment, in which case, it is necessary to use non-conventional lighting systems . In this paper, the use of efficient lighting in improving the energy performance of the building will be through the analysis of the behavior of lightshelves, redirecting natural light to the interior environments, and thus estimate how much you can save energy electricity that would be spent on artificial lighting.

NETTO, Ary R.A.; BARRETO, Douglas; AKUTSU, Maria . Improving the energy performance of buildings with non-conventional lighting system. In: IAHS WORLD CONGRESS ON HOUSING SUSTAINABLE HOUSING CONSTRUCTION, 40., 2014, Funchal, Portugal. Proceedings…

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