Implementation of energy recovery system in crucible furnance melting of zinc operating with natural gas


In the concession area Comgás, many relatively small companies produce zinc oxide through and industrial process in which natural gas (NG) is the main source of energy. The main part of the process is one in which zinc ingots are melted in a furnace-type crucible. The effluent gases from the furnace are discharged without any energy recovery into the atmosphere through a chimney. Some possibilities for the recovery of this non-utilized energy can be envisioned, but the main one is to preheat combustion air. The team of the Laboratory of Thermal Energy, Engines, Fuel and Emissions (LETMCE) of IPT, with resources of Comgás within the “Annual Program for Research and Technological Development and Conservation and Rational Use of Gas in São Paulo”, deployed system preheat combustion air furnace 3 of Brazinco company aiming reduce consumption of natural gas. The preheating system at a cost of R$ 12,000.00 and result in the temperature of 370 ºC air admitted to the furnace, which led to 28% reduction in natural gas consumption, which represents savings of R$ 5,800.00 / month for the company.

VERGNHANINI FILHO, Renato; SPEGIORIN, Luiz. Implantação de sistema de recuperação de energia em forno cadinho de fusão de zinco operando com gás natural. . In: SEMINÁRIO DE BALANÇOS ENERGÉTICOS GLOBAIS E UTILIDADES, 34; ENCONTRO DE PRODUTORES E CONSUMIDORES DE GASES INDUSTRIAIS, 28., 2013, Vitória. Anais… São Paulo: ABM, 2013. 12 p

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