Friction behavior of lubricated zinc phosphate coatings


The aim of the present work is to elucidate the influence of the lubricants on the friction behavior of the zinc phosphated coating and to provide an explanation for the results in terms of physical-chemical interactions  between lubricant and phosphate. The friction behavior was studied through a sliding wear test, with a  conventional ball-on-disc configuration. Discs, made of AISI 1006 low carbon steel, uncoated and coated  with zinc phosphate, were tested against bearing steel balls. A stearate sodium soap, paraffinic oil and both  soap and oil were used as lubricants. The sodium stearate soap was found to have the best seizure  resistance. The nature of the interfacial forces between the lubricant and surface has an important role in  determining the friction behavior.

PANOSSIAN, Z; FARIAS, M.C.M.; SANTOS, C.A.L.; SINATORA, A. Friction behavior of lubricated zinc phospate coatings. Wear and International Jounral on the Scienceand Technology, v. 266, n. 7-8, p. 873-877, 2009.

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