Excess loss localization on the hysteresis curve


Two alloys of non-oriented electrical steel, with 2.45 and 3.3 %Si, respectively, had their magnetic properties characterized in an Epstein frame. Hysteresis curves for total, quasi-static and parasitic losses were plotted and overlapped in order to identify the region where the anomalous loss happens. It was observed that most part of anomalous loss is from the domain wall movement’s region and a smaller contribution from nucleation and annihilation regions.

ALMEIDA, Adriano A.; PERASSA, L. S. P.; RODRIGUES JR., D. L.; NISHIKAWA, THOMAS S. P.; LANDGRAF, Fernando José Gomes; PAOLINELLI, S. C.; MARTIN, Ramon Valls. Excess loss localization on the hysteresis curve. In: SOFT MAGNETIC MATERIALS CONFERENCE, 21., SMM21, 2013., Budapest, Hungrary. Proceedings… and Abstract… 2 p.

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