New Brazilian pineapple leaf fibers for textile application: cottonization and dyeing

This work evaluates the dyeing performance associated with a cottonization and bleaching pretreatment of pineapple leaf fbers from two diferent species from Brazil: curaua (A. lucidus syn. A. erectifolius) and red pineapple (A. bracteatus (Lindl.) Schult. & Schult.f), aiming its application in textile materials for garments. Treated and untreated fbers were compared for their morphological, chemical, physical and color properties. The fbers underwent changes in their chemical and physical structural characteristics after pretreatment. The results of SEM, FTIR and whiteness index analysis indicated that the cottonization process improved the color and surface uniformity of fbers, reducing non-cellulosic matters, such as lignin and pectin. Treated fbers also presented low impurities content, i.e., oils, wax and fats (between 1.1 and 2.1%). However, compared to untreated fbers, treated curaua show an increase in impurities, supposedly caused by the removal of epidermal tissue from the fber surface, which became the fber bundle structure more accessible. Cottonization process also produced thinner, individualized and more resistant fber bundles, which was evidenced by a decrease in linear density by 30 and 42% and an increase in tenacity by 12 and 23%. The dyeing behavior of fbers was investigated using blue, red and yellow reactive dyes. Fibers of both species demonstrated good dyeing behavior, with K/S values compatible with textile application standards (between 4 and 11) and an excellent color fastness to laundering.

QUEIROZ, Rayana Santiago de; SILVA, Ana Patrícia Veiga da; BROEGA, Ana Cristina da Luz; SOUTO, António Pedro Garcia Valadares. New Brazilian pineapple leaf fibers for textile application: cottonization and dyeing. SN Applies Sciences, v.2, n.72, Jan., 2019.

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