Cooper deposition by galvanic displacement


In this work, the influence of a commercial additive used on cooper sulphate solutions to steel wire coopering, were studied on diluted sulphuric acid medium. Influence of the working parameters, immersion time and coopering solution iron content, on the final quality of the final deposit were investigated. Immersion time as well as the coopering solution iron content has shown direct influence on deposit thickness and on the adhesion into the substrate. It was observed that deposit thickness and its adhesion are less sensitive in the samples treated by the process with additive compared to those treated on a bath without additive, even to shorter or longer times of treatment. However, the samples treated on the bath without additives have shown poor deposit adhesion to longer times of coopering, especially into baths with lower iron content.


PANOSSIAN, Z.; MORAIS, F.R.; ALMEIDA, M.B.; COSTA, I. Investigação do efeito de aditivo inibidor na deposição de cobre por deslocamento galvânico. In: CONGRESSO ANUAL DA ABM, 59., 2004, São Paulo. Anais... (CD-ROM)

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