Mathematical model applied in the determination of bio-oil mass balance obtained by pyrolysis from CDR


The need for alternative researches of solid waste disposal is a reality in the Brazilian context, as well as in the global context. It is comprehended that there is no single solution to the environmental issue of waste disposal, however, according to the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS), all the possibilities must be exhausted before landfill disposal, considering: reuse, recycle, recover, and use waste to energy or composting. Among these alternatives, the pyrolysis research shows that the conversion of waste into liquid, solid and gaseous byproducts present promising commercial applications to be studied. It can reduce the volume of waste that nowadays does not have adequate disposal. This technology can be considered energy-saving, once it does not require external power for operation; however, it still has high operating costs. In order to save costs and still considering the practical and scientific point of view, we applied a mathematical model which confirms that it is possible to predict not only the pyrolysis mass balance, but also the choice of the preferred product based on the fed composition without the need of countless trials.

MENDONÇA, Marcelo Aparecido; ROSA, Guilherme P. de; SPINDOLA de OLIVEIRA, Caio Cesar; SILVA, Juliana Araujo da; GARCIA, Adriana; BRAGA, Carina Batista Ferrari; MARTINS, Robson C.; PEREZ, Juan M. Modelagem matemática aplicada na determinação de balanço de massa de bio-óleo obtido via pirólise a partir de CDR. In: FORUM INTERNACIONAL DE RESÍDUOS SÓLIDOS, 8., 2017, Curitiba. Anais… Curitiba: Instituto Venturi, 2017. 8p

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