Maneuverability towing tank experiments with manifold models; part 2: PMM oscillation tests


This work is the Part II of a two-part work, where the influence of geometrical simplifications and modifications in the maneuverability of a manifold were investigated by three 1:13 scaled models in a towing tank. In this work is presented the adopted methods that were used to obtain the hydrodynamic derivatives from forced oscillations motions in a towing tank using a planar-motion-mechanism. In the part I was presented the static drift tests, which were used to complement the tests presented in this paper. The maneuvering hydrodynamic derivatives are obtained by a two part analysis. First, the filtered and decomposed in harmonic functions. Second, regression analysis techniques are applied to the simplification of derivatives in contrast to the installation of a larger plate, which modified the manifold maneuverability significantly. The presented investigation in both papers will be used to form a data base for numerical simulation studies for manifolds installation.

GUEDES, Danyllo de Lima; KLEINE, Felipe Augusto de Souza; CASTRO, Felipe Santos de; CARVALHO, Daniel; DANTAS, João Lucas Dozzi. Maneuverability towing tank experiments with manifold models: part 2: PMM oscillation tests. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON OCEAN, OFFSHORE AND ARCTIC ENGINEERING, 37., 2018, Madrid. Proceedings… 10 p.

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