Porous formulation for hydrodynamic simplification of debris containment grid


Debris containment grids are important floating elements of hydropower plants, retaining objects that could move towards the turbines and damaging them. To simulate the log boom line, named for debris containment grids specially designed for wood, CFD is chosen for its flexibility in simulating bodies of complex shapes and allowing coupling of the dynamics of bodies and their interaction with the fluid. Because of their complexity, as there are several log booms with different degrees of freedom and connections, hydrodynamic analysis must provide reliable results in a feasible computational time. This paper aims to implement a porosity formulation to represent in a simplified way the hydrodynamic perturbation of a geometry so that, in future works, it can simulate several of these connected geometries with accessible computational cost. The simplification of the Log Boom geometry has already been performed and presented in previous works, showing its potential due to reduced computational cost. However, in spite of being feasible, it was difficult to maintain the same result of the complete model with the simplified model. To overcome this problem, a new methodology to implement porosity was presented in this work. The final result showed a good approximation between the complete model and the porous one for four interest variables: forces in x, y and z axis and moment in y-axis.


KATSUNO, Eduardo Tadashi; ESTEVES, Filipe Rocha; GOMES, Gustavo de Goes; DANTAS, João Lucas Dozzi. Porous formulation for hydrodynamic simplification of debris containment grid. In: CONGRESSO INTERNATIONAL DE TRANSPORTE AQUAVIÁRIO, CONSTRUÇÃO NAVAL E OFFSHORE, 27., 2018, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… 9p.

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