Painting of galvanized steel; premature failure due to salt contamination from hot dipped galvanizing process


As everybody agrees that is advantageous to paint galvanized steel, mainly in very aggressive environments to zinc coatings. There is also a consensus about the difficulties of obtaining an acceptable adherence between the two kinds of coating. The metallic surface conditioning is therefore one of the most important stages concerning the painting of galvanized steel. When this stage is inappropriately accomplished premature failures of the painting system occur. In this paper it is shown a case of premature failure of a painting system, caused by the presence of salt contamination from hot dipped galvanizing process.

 PANOSSIAN, Z.; FRAGATA, F. de L.; FERRARI, J. V. Pintura de aço galvanizado por imersão a quente (aço galvanizado); falha prematura devido à presença de contaminantes salinos provenientes do processo de zincagem. In: ENCONTRO E EXPOSIÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE TRATAMENTO DE SUPERFÍCIE, 1., EBRATS, 2003, São Paulo.  Anais… (CD-ROM)

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