Orientações para elaboração de projeto de fachadas com revestimento não aderido: aspectos estruturais e de durabilidade das subestruturas metálicas


There is increasing the Market supply of Brazilian construction with Technology of No-Adherent-Coatings (NAC) of Façades, known internationally as Ventilated Facades. However, there are no national technical standards which may benchmark project development and control of the implementation process of NAC. In this reality the NAC’s technology should be carefully studies and evaluated technically about a series of requirements and performance criteria, taking into account the different actions that will expose NAC in the state of the façade. This technology makes use of two layers of external vertical closure separated by an air space called “cavity”, and consists of non-adherent coating (in the form of thin plates, on a variety of finishing); substructure light (usually metal or wood); fasteners; components of closures of spans and components of finishing. Presents itself as potentially effective barrier against water infiltration, and maintenance of internal thermal comfort, according to the principles of “Multiple Barriers”, provided that follow design criteria and mounting stringent. This paper aimed to address some key aspects that the designer needs to know to specify the technology, considering some basic requirements and criteria for structural safety and durability of metal substructures, mostly composed of extruded aluminum profiles. Aluminum is a malleable and ductile metal, great for extrusion, but has a low of resistance to fatigue. In the condition of fatigue, the profiles can suffer structural failure under stress considerably below the limit of tensile or yield strength under static loads. This study aimed to clarify these and other aspects to be observed in the design and assembly of NAC in order to ensure good structural performance and durability. The article approaches only a part a set of guidelines that were developed as a result of a dissertation at IPT – Technology Research Institute of SP.

MACHADO, A.L. do A.; OLIVEIRA, L.A. de. Orientações para elaboração de projeto de cachadas com revestimento não aderido: aspectos estruturais e de durabilidade das subestruturas metálicas. In: ENCONTRO NACIONAL DE TECNOLOGIA DO AMBIENTE CONSTRUÍDO, 14., 2012, Juiz de Fora, MG. Anais… 14p.

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