PRUMO / TS: resolução de problema de incrustações e bolhas em peças de aço-carbono zincadas, do setor automotivo


The automotive sector generally requires contractors electroplating increasingly efficient and less incidence of production problems. Thus, a company called galvanizing technology advisory BOB / TS (Project Mobile Units for Technological Assistance to Small and Medium Enterprises) to solve a problem of appearance of buildup and blisters after his electrodeposition process, in pieces that would allocated in the inner regions of an automobile. The technological service was conducted in order to determine the causes of this problem and indicate the necessary corrections. For this, the entire production process was analyzed and a scanning electron microscope was used to study the pair cross sections of parts with and without blemish. The results showed that in meeting the main factor that caused the problem was the excess additives in alkaline zinc bath without cyanide, specifically the excess polish. An excess of this additive can cause, among other things, the occurrence of fouling. Other problems were also detected, such as exposure to outdoor pieces in the productive sector after pickling and galvanizing before, causing the formation of oxides on the surface of carbon steel. Was also detected intrinsic porosity in carbon steel substrate, which would cause retention of contamination and entrapment of hydrogen and consequently the formation of blisters. After the corrective actions indicated the company would reduce its rate of return of parts.

MATTOS, Cleiton dos Santos; NUNES, Marcela Torquato; CORTEZ, Vinícius Dantas; MAZZARELLA, Vicente Nelson Giovanni; PANOSSIAN, Zehbourn. PRUMO/TS: resolução de problema de incrustações e bolhas em peças de aço-carbono zincadas, do setor automotivo. In: ENCONTRO E EXPOSIÇÃO BRASILEIRA DE TRATAMENTO DE SUPERFÍCIE, 14., INTERFINISH LATINO AMERICAN0, 3., 2012, São Paulo. Anais… São Paulo: ABTS, 2012. p.404-411.

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