Corrosion protection of equipment installed in underground chambers


Electrical equipment installed in underground chambers are constantly exposed to high corrosive conditions resulting from periodic flooding with contaminated water from rainfall, possible leakage of water supply pipes, sewage or groundwater. In urban areas, usually, these waters can bring dirt that can make them even more aggressive to this equipment. The heat, in turn, heat dissipation resulting from the transformers also increases the aggressiveness of the environment. Even in periods when these cameras do not contain water, the relative humidity remains high, favoring the initiation or continuation of corrosive processes. In general, the corrosion protection of such equipment has been made by painting with paint based on coal tar which is unused due to the toxicity of some components such as benzene, toluene and xylene. The R & D project "corrosion protection equipment installed in underground chambers", developed by IPT Corrosion Laboratory and by AES Eletropaulo, involving cathodic protection with galvanic anode epoxy-based organic coatings low in volatile organic compounds proved to be a solution promising technology to extend the life of equipment and consequently reduce the operating costs of utilities companies.

ALMEIDA, Neusvaldo Lira de; ARAUJO, Adriana de; MARTINS, Clay M.; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour; GARRIDO, Marcelo F. Proteção anticorrosiva de equipamentos instalados em câmaras subterrâneas. In: CONGRESSO DE INOVAÇÃO TECNOLÓGICA EM ENERGIA ELÉTRICA, 7., 2013, Rio de Janeiro. Anais… 8 p.

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