Cathodic protection of zinc, aluminum and zinc/aluminum alloy coating to steel substrate


In the vast majority of applications, carbon steel is used with some type of protection, because it presents a low corrosion resistance. One of the most widely used types of protection is the application of metallic coatings. In this category, there are the noble metal coatings and sacrificial coatings. When the only purpose of a coating is corrosion protection, the sacrificial ones should be chosen, as they are able to ensure the integrity of the steel substrate on the discontinuities of the coating, offering cathodic protection. Traditionally, the most used metal as a sacrificial coating is zinc. This coating is able to protect cathodically the steel substrate in all types of natural atmospheres. In the last few decades, aluminum and zinc/aluminum alloy coatings have been used to replace zinc in some applications. In spite of some advantages of these coatings over the zinc coating, they are not able to protect catodically the substrate in all kinds of natural atmospheres. This work will discuss the cathodic protection capacity of aluminum and zinc/aluminum alloy coatings referring to the traditional zinc coating

PANOSSIAN.Z. Proteção catódica oferecida pelos revestimentos de zinco, alumínio e suas ligas ao substrato de aço. In: SEMINÁRIO DE METAIS NÃO FERROSOS, 10., 2002, São Paulo. Anais… São Paulo ABM, 2002. p. 557-569. (IPT Pub. 2785)

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