Zinc coating alternatives

Since early of the century, zinc plating has been used to protect steel against corrosion. Zinc has a lot of advantages as coating, but its performance at aggressive atmospheres is poor. For this reason, lately many researchers have been done in order to attempt replacing zinc with advantages, including post-treatment processes. In this way, it has been identified alloy coatings such as: zinc/nickel, zinc/iron, zinc/cobalt, zinc/manganese. This report presents the main characteristics of zinc coating. Besides, the reasons for choosing to zinc, those already in use those in development are described.

PANOSSIAN, Z. Revestimentos alternativos para o zinco. In: INTERFINISH LATIOAMERICANO, EBRATS 97, 1997, São Paulo.  Anais… São Paulo: ABTS, 1997. v. 2, p. 164-183

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