Research and development on composites: a strategy to overcome technological challenges


Affordable structures, with less weight and less cost will enable the achievement of a sustainable society. For complete sustainable life cycles the materials to be used on the affordable structures will have its origins on renewable sources and will be safely recycled or disposed. Recent years faced the up growing demand for the application of composite materials. Several advances in manufacturing techniques and material science are leading composites as one of the best options for lightweight structures. Aerospace represents the most important market for such advances, basically for the continuous demand for lighter and reliable materials. However, the demand for new techniques and materials represents a technological challenge for the high competitive markets, such as aerospace, automotive, energy, petrol and gas, and telecommunication. A strategy that most leading companies are pursuing to overcome such challenges it to create an environment where research and development (R&D) can be conducted. Highly trained teams, advanced manufacturing equipment and financial support for innovation are the main requirements R&D institutions for lightweight structures have to look for. Designing and installing the Lightweight Structures Laboratory – LEL of the Institute for Technological Research (IPT), represents on the Brazilian efforts on the development of lightweight.

D\’ELIA, Marco Antonio Grecco; BOTTENE, Alex Camilli; LOPES, Luiz Eduardo. Research and development on composites: a strategy to overcome technological challenges. In: BRAZILIAN CONFERENCE ON COMPOSITE MATERIALS, BCCM, 1., 2012, Natal. Proceedings… 6 p

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