Repositório para o rastreamento de requisitos funcionais derivados de regras de negócio


Changes in a company’s business lead to an adaptation of business rules and information systems. But before performing these changes one must identify what needs to be modified in the system and estimate the time and cost for performing maintenance. Requirements traceability assists the analysis of consequences of changes and the verification of inconsistencies between requirements. However, systems where business rules and requirements are implemented together hampers traceability, because the business rules remain hidden behind the requirements and implementation details are known only by their developers. This work proposes a software requirements repository, restricted to the functional ones, which enables the correlation of business decisions, business rules and software requirements, allowing requirements traceability to its origins in business. With the history of requirements documented, including the business definitions, it is possible to assign responsibilities and undertake evaluations of future modifications and development of new systems. From a prototype it is illustrated the applicability of the proposed repository in the business and system areas.

MELO, Adriana Cristina de; SILVA, Paulo Sergio Muniz. Repositório para o rastreamento de requisitos funcionais derivados de regras de negócio. Revista Brasileira de Computação Aplicada, v.6, n.2, p.61-75, out., 2014.

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