Replacers to cadmium coating for corrosion protection

Cadmium coatings have been widely used to protect ferrous substrate, mainly fasteners, against corrosion. In spite of presenting excellent properties, such as lubricity, low voluminous corrosion products, high performance and compatible cost, cadmium presents high toxicity. For this reason worldwide researchers are engaged to find replacers for cadmium coating. With this purpose, a project to identify cadmium coating replacers was conducted. In a previous of this project, a wide bibliographical research was done in order to identify the potential replacers of cadmium available in the national and international market. Eleven coatings obtained through different application processes, including zinc alloy coatings, organometallic coatings and other trademark coatings were identified. This work present the main results (Scab Test) for the twelve coatings (identified replacers and cadmium coating itself)

MOREIRA, Anna Ramus; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour; ALMEIDA, Neusvaldo Lira de; PIMENTA, Gutemberg Souza; BERRY, Nara G; PAES, Marcelo T. P. Replacers to cadmium coating for corrosion protection. In: NACE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AN D EXPO, 2012, Salt Lake. Proceedings…

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