Reflections about interface strength between soils and textured geomembranes


Geomembranes are very important components in impermeable barrier systems used in landfills and effluent ponds. The lining system stability depends on interface strength between geomembrane and other materials, such as soil and geotextile. This interface strength can be relatively low, and the lining system stability can be affected. Within this context, this paper presents interface shear test results between textured HDPE geomembrane 1.0mm thick and two different soils: dry sand and silty clay. Literature results were showed in order to propose some reflections about this theme.

SANTOS, Daiani Aparecida Magalhães; KAMIJI, Thelma Sumie Maggi Marisa ; PLÁCIDO, Rafael Ribeiro ; AVESANI NETO, José Orlando . Reflections about interface strength between soils and textured geomembranes. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GEOSYNTETHICS, 9., Guarujá, 2010. Proceedings…. 4 p.

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