Recommendations for preliminary construction site design to produce reinforced concrete precast


The article aims to present the results of a research that aims to establish recommendations for preliminary design of construction sites for reinforced concrete precast construction systems for the construction of shopping mall and industrial buildings. Research aspects related to the implementation, planning and layout are considered to produce precast reinforced concrete elements at the construction site, such as pillars, beams, massive slabs and side closing panels. As a research method, constructive research called Constructive Research or Design Science Research (DSR) was adopted as one of the most appropriate methodologies to guide the conduct of scientific research in technology, in an approach that combines the relevance of practical application with Scientific rigor, that is, it deals with the proposition to solve a concrete, practical, results-based question that offers specific guidelines for evaluation and interaction in research projects. After collecting the necessary information, the data are described and grouped for content analysis, with the final result having several indicators for the preliminary design of the construction site for the production of precast reinforced concrete. The objectives for this dissertation were achieved, since the predictions equations of developed site areas proved to be very effective, to dimension the areas to produce precast reinforced concrete elements.

ANDRADE JUNIOR, Luiz Velloso; MITIDIERI FILHO, Cláudio; YOSHIDA, Olga Satomi. Recomendações para projeto de canteiro de obras para a produção de pré-moldados de concreto armado. Revista IPT, Tecnologia e Inovação, v.3,n.12, p.71-90, dez., 2019.

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