Qualitative diagnosis of the influence of silting on urban floods


The anthropogenic interventions in the physical environment, exemplified by activities such as the removal of native vegetation, slope cutting and soil sealing, cause changes in the dynamics of land surface processes in a shorter timescale than observed in the natural environment. Alterations in the environment dynamic balance induce the appearance of accelerated erosion and landslides, whose impact is revealed by the deposit of sediments in drainages. As a consequence, the accumulation of sediments compromises river flow, contributing to the occurrence of urban floods and increasing its frequency and intensity. Through a qualitative diagnosis, the present study evidences these facts, demonstrating that studies focused on the prevention and controlling of soil erosion and landslides are essential for urban watersheds conservation planning and flood control.

INCAU, Bruno H.; COSTA, Samuel Barsanelli; ALMEIDA FILHO, Gerson Salviano. Qualitative diagnosis of the influence of silting on urban floods. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFEENCE ON FLOOD MANAGEMENT, 6., 2014, São Paulo. Proceedings… 7 p.

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