Corrossion risk assessment in a atmospheric structures by concrete electrical resistivity mesurement


It is not unusual to premature deterioration of concrete structures such as bridges, overpasses, piers and buildings due to reinforcement corrosion. Often, this deterioration is related to the lack of assessment of structures conservation status. The best way to the periodic evaluation of the structures is through detailed visual examination of the surface of its elements. Based on the severity of the observed pathologies, as well as knowledge of environmental aggression, the characteristics and history of the structure, other techniques are also applied. Among them, there is the electrical measurement of concrete resistivity. This measurement is usually associated with the electrochemical measurement of the corrosion potential and / or reinforcement corrosion rate. This association is very important for the evaluation of the risk of corrosion of the reinforcement of the structures during inspections in the field. In this Article, the assessment of this risk is discussed, based on the realization measuring the electrical resistivity of the concrete.


ARAUJO, Adriana de; PANOSSIAN, Zehbour. Resistividade elétrica do concreto na avalição do risco de corrosão nas estruturas atmosféricas. Téchne, v. 21, n. 200, nov., 2013.

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